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How to connect Magento to DataPocket
How to connect Magento to DataPocket

Instructions to synchronize Magento with Canva, Figma and Adobe thanks to DataPocket

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Follow these 3 steps to sync your online store using DataPocket:

1.- Sign up on DataPocket

2.- Click on (+) β€œUse your own data”, and choose Magento.

Connect and synchronise Magento to DataPocket

3-Enter your online Store address (URL), and the Access Token* from your Magento, then press connect.

Now, you can start to design with your data on design tools.: Canva, Adobe Suit (Photoshop / Illustrator / Indesign), Figma.

*Follow these steps to get your Access Token from your Magento Store:

1) Go to the back office of your Magento.

2) On the main menu on the left sidebar of the screen, go to 'System', and choose 'Integrations'.

3)Go to 'integration info' to enter general information about the new integration:

  • Enter the name of our app: DataPocket.

  • Enter your password for Magento.

4)Go to 'API' and click on the fields you have to allow access to DataPocket.

  • Go to Resources Access, Choose 'Custom', and click only the following boxes:

    Catalog / Inventory / Products / Categories / Stores / Settings / All Stores. Once you have all these marked, press SAVE.

  • Check all the access you are going to allow DataPocket to read and if you agree, press 'Allow' to continue with the process.

5) To finish the process of integration, just click on 'Activate'.

6) Copy the 'Access Token' and press 'Done'. This is the Access Token you have to paste on DataPocket.

In a few moments, you will have all your product feed from your Magento, organized and ready to be used in any design tool that we have a connection with.

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