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How to connect WooCommerce to DataPocket
How to connect WooCommerce to DataPocket

Connect WooCommerce to DataPocket to work faster with your data on design tools.

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Log in to your WooCommerce website to install the DataPocket plugin and copy the keys that you need to paste on your DataPocket account to finish the connection.

  • To obtain the WooCommerce and WordPress keys Follow these steps:

  1. On your WordPress, click on 'Plugins', and Search for 'DataPocket'.

  2. The DataPocket plugin should be visible now. Click the β€˜Install Now button to start installing the plugin.

  3. Activate the plugin, by clicking the 'Activate' button.

  4. Copy the 'WordPress Key' and the 'WooCommerce Key' that you can see on the DataPocket plugin.

  • To finish the connection of your WooCommerce with DataPocket:

Log in to your DataPocket account.

  1. Click on (+) 'Use your own data'

  2. Click on 'Connect your WooCommerce'.

  3. Enter your website URL, and Paste the WooCommerce DataPocket Keys.

    Click 'Connect', and the process is finished.

    In a few moments, you will have all your data from your WooCommerce, organized and ready to be used in any design tool that we have a connection with.

    ​Start using your WooCommerce data on your design tools.

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