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How to connect Wix eCommerce to DataPocket
How to connect Wix eCommerce to DataPocket

Learn how to connect your product feed from your Wix store to Canva, Figma and Adobe

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In order to connect your product data from your store to DataPocket you have to download a CSV from your Wix store.

You can export your store products - along with all their data - to a CSV file. If you want to have access to all product variants don't forget to activate the button "Manage pricing and inventory for each product variant":

To export your product feed, follow the next steps:

  1. Go to the Product tab in your site's dashboard.

  2. Click More Actions and Export.

  3. Choose which items you want to export, click export

  4. You are exporting your items.

    Once you have your CSV head to DataPocket.

Go to your DataPocket account to upload your Wix's CSV:

  1. On your DataPocket account, Click on the (+) "Use your own data",

    and choose the 'Wix' option.

  2. Name the data source and add a short description for future reference, once it's done, click on the β€œCreate data source” button. (Fields Name, Shop Country and language, and Shop Currency are mandatory)

  3. Click 'Select a CSV file to upload, and add your Wix's CSV

  4. You will see all data from your CSV listed, if you agree with them click on Save.

In a few moments, you will have all your CSV information, organized and ready to be used in any design tool that we have a connection with.

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