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How to connect Squarespace using a CSV export
How to connect Squarespace using a CSV export

How to get products from your Squarespace Store and upload them to design tools thanks to DataPocket.

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In order to connect your product data from your store to DataPocket you have to download a CSV from your Squarespace store.

Important on Squarespace:

You can export up to 10.000 products. Each variant counts as a unique product. Products beyond this limit won't appear in the .csv.file

Follow these steps to download a CSV from your Squarespace:

  1. Open the Commerce panel and click Inventory.

  2. Click Export all.

To export specific products, click the products in the Inventory Panel, then click Export selected in the bottom-right corner.

Go to your DataPocket account to upload your Squarespace CSV:

  1. On your DataPocket account, Click on the (+) "Use your own data",

    and choose the 'Squarespace' option.

  2. Name the data source and add a short description for future reference, once it's done, click on the “Create data source” button. (Fields Name, Shop Country and language, and Shop Currency are mandatory)

  3. Click 'Select a CSV file to upload, and add your Squarespace's CSV

  4. You will see all data from your CSV listed, if you agree with them click on Save.

In a few moments, you will have all your CSV information, organized and ready to be used in any design tool that we have a connection with.

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