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Creating a new DataPocket account
Creating a new DataPocket account

Learn how to create a new DataPocket account in just a few seconds

Updated over a week ago

You can create an account using your Google Account or manually with another email address following the next steps.

1. Creating an account

1.1. Go to

1.2 Press ‘Create free account’

1.3 Type your email and password

1.4 Copy the verification code from your email.

If you manually type your email and password you will automatically receive a verification code right in your mail inbox. Then, copy it.

1.5 Paste the code into DataPocket

1.6 Press Verify email.

Congratulations! You officially have a DataPocket account.

Now you may connect your data source(s)

or use the free samples available for you to test and explore the endless possibilities available from the very first moment, transforming how you interact with your favorite design platform of choice.

Feel free to test how the sample store can interact with your design platform of choice, be it Canva, Figma, Adobe Suite or Adobe Express!

Connect your favourite design tool (+info)

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