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Managing users on DataPocket
Managing users on DataPocket

DataPocket allows administrators to share their organizations which include data sources.Learn all about role management and more

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Connect your first data source to DataPocket and then follow these steps to have it shared with your teammates or stakeholders.

1. How can I share my data with another user?

Head to your organization and once you are inside, where all your data sources are displayed:

1.1 Click “Add Team Members”

1.2 Write the user's email for the invitation.

Indicate the email to send the invitation

1.3 Choose the role

You can configure the role that you wish to provide for your teammates or stakeholders.

1.4 Send the invitation

2. What data will you share with your team members or stakeholders?

When inviting a new team member to join your organization, you can set their role to control their operations. Options include full access, access to all operations except payments and billing, read-only with invitation permissions, or read-only.

Please note that regardless of the role you choose, new members will have access to view all connected data sources within your organization.

3. How to manage team members?

You can manage your team members on settings.

3.1 Go to settings

Clicking on the the three dots on the top right corner of the screen.

3.2 Click “Access management”

3.3 Controling invitations

You can control the pending invitations, if your change your mind you can delete it.

3.4 Managing roles

You can change the access role of your users at any time.

3.4.1 Click the button “settings

3.4.2 Choose the new role.

3.4.3 Save it

3.5 Eliminating a user

3.5.1 Click the “Trash” button.

3.5.2 Confirm that you want revoke the access, or cancel the action.

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