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How to install DataPocket on Adobe Photoshop
How to install DataPocket on Adobe Photoshop

Learn how to connect your data and product feeds to Adobe Photoshop

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Follow these steps to install DataPocket on your Adobe Photoshop:

1. Installing the DataPocket Extension

1.1 Close Photoshop

It is important that your Photoshop window is closed before starting the installation process.

1.2 Install The ZXP Installer

Go to and search for ZXP installer or click here ZXP installer

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1.3 Install The DataPocket Extension

Navigate to DataPocket and download the Latest DataPocket Extension. Click here

1.4 Open The ZXP Installer

Open the ZXP Installer to follow the process.

1.5 Drag The DataPocket Extension

Open the ZPX Installer to drag the Datapocket Extension into the pop-up window.

2. Completing the Connection on Phothoshop

Enjoy the power of connecting complete product and data feeds to Adobe Photoshop in a matter of seconds.

2.1 Open Photoshop

Now is time to activate DataPocket on your Photoshop account.

2.2 Open Window

Navigating on the top bar click on Window.

2.3 Click Extensions & choose DataPocket

On the dropdown menu click on Extensions -> DataPocket

Depending on the version and the operating system, its location may vary.

2.4 Click 'connect using browser'

To finish the istallation.

3. Logging to DataPocket

If you already have an account on DataPocket you just log in, if not create a new account.

Starting a new design

Drag and drop all your images, texts and prices into your designs seamlessly.

You can have access to the following data sources to use the data on your designs:

WordPress / WooCommerce / Magento / Prestashop / Tiendas Wix / BigCommerce /

Squarespace / Shopify / CSV / API

Please remember that if you are missing any integration, we also build custom integrations!


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