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How to install DataPocket on Figma
How to install DataPocket on Figma

Learn how to install DataPocket on Figma and start improving your design systems workflow.

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DataPocket acts as an official plugin inside Figma.

1.Installing DataPocket

1.1. Open Figma

1.2 Click the 'resources modal'

1.3 From the Plugins tab

use the search bar to browse for DataPocket

Step 1.3_Figma_datapocket.png

1.4 click “DataPocket

Step 1.4_Figma_datapocket.png

1.5 Click 'Run'

Step 1.5_Figma_datapocket.png

2. Completing the Connection on DataPocket

Step 1.6_Figma_datapocket.png

Enjoy the power of connecting complete product and data feeds to Figma in a matter of seconds.

2.1 Sign in or create a DataPocket account

To start using your own product or data feeds, you can connect any kind of data from eCommerce platforms, data feeds, CSV or custom integrations using our API.

Step 2.2_Figma_datapocket.png

2.2 Drag and drop any image or text into your design.

Start creating stunning digital content using your own product and data feeds right inside Figma.

Feel free to contact us for our enterprise model where we implement DataPocket into the design systems for some of the biggest enterprises in the world.

Step 2.5_Figma_datapocket.png

You can have access to the following data feeds to design on Figma:

WordPress · WooCommerce · Magento · Prestashop · Shopify · BigCommerce · Squarespace · Wix eCommerce · CSV · API

Please remember that if you are missing any integration we specialize on building custom integrations too - Contact us now!

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