Managing my account

Learn all the details about how to manage your account

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Navigate on DataPocket and head to the right up-corner and click on to open settings.

1. Managing your billing details

By clicking on "Billing information," you can fill out the form with the details you wish to appear on your invoices.

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2. Where can I find my invoices?

Clicking on “Invoices” you have access to all the necessary documents where you can download them.

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3. Managing payment method

Clicking on “Payment method” you can add or change your card details.

4. Changing your password

Navigating on DataPocket go to the right up-corner and

4.1 Click on 3 dots

4.2 Click on “Account” tab

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4.3 Choose “Change password”

4.4 Click “send a code”

We are going to send you a recover code to your email when you click the button “send a code to [email protected]” , or if you change your mind just click “Back”

4.5 Enter the Verification code and password

Enter the Verification code that you have received on your email, and create a new password

4.6 Click Reset password

Click Reset password to save your new password.

5. How to log out?

Navigating on DataPocket go to the right up-corner and click on 3 dots, open account, then click “Log out”

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