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What level of access does DataPocket have to my data source?
What level of access does DataPocket have to my data source?

DataPocket has security measures in place in order to provide peace of mind

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DataPocket ensures the utmost privacy and security of your data by maintaining limited reading access to your eCommerce or data feed. Our platform has been meticulously designed to prioritize the protection of your sensitive information while providing valuable insights for your design projects.

When you connect an eCommerce store to DataPocket, rest assured that we only retrieve essential product details such as images, texts, and pricing. We do not access or store any customer information, stock data, or other sensitive details that your eCommerce platform may contain. This ensures that your customers' privacy remains intact and your business data remains confidential.

The same level of limited reading access applies to more complex data sources, including WordPress websites or custom integrations with platforms like Salesforce or Azure. DataPocket acts as a secure intermediary, allowing you to seamlessly integrate your data into design workflows without compromising security.

It's important to note that DataPocket operates as a one-way connection, meaning that we do not alter or overwrite any product information in your data source. Instead, we serve as a reliable bridge between your content and design tools, empowering you to create stunning visuals with confidence and ease.

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