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What type of data does DataPocket access when connecting to my systems?
Does DataPocket share my information with third parties?
How does DataPocket ensure the security and privacy of my data?
Does DataPocket store credit card or payment information?
What level of access does DataPocket have to my data source?
Why can't I see all my product/data feed on Canva?
How comes I'm not receiving the recovery code to retrieve my password?
What is and how to use a promotional code
What security measures do you have in place for the payments?
Managing subscriptions
Why do I have limited access to my data/items?
What happens if I connect a wrong data source?
Why is DataPocket not synchronizing back from the design tool to my product feed or data feed?
Does the data connection process work even if I close DataPocket?
I want to autosynchronize my CSV content with DataPocket to use it on Canva, is this possible?
Why is it taking so long to connect my product/data feed?
Can I bulk create using DataPocket?
Will the connection affect my current site?
Can I connect multiple data or product feeds to one DataPocket account?
What happens if I delete a product from my eCommerce backend?
Do you have any guidance on how to use your API?
Does DataPocket overwrite my eCommerce product feeds or my data feeds?
What are the Samples inside my organization?
What kind of support is included with the paid plan?
How does billing work for the paid plan?
Is there a contract or commitment required for the paid plan?
Can I manage multiple data sources in the same account?
What is the API data source?
Can I upgrade to the paid plan at any time?
What are the advantages of the paid plan compared to the free plan?
What sort of data can I use?
How can I connect my own data feed?
How can I recover my password?
Does DataPocket offer a demo/free version?
How can I delete a data source?
Can I share my DataPocket account with my team?