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How can I delete a data source?
How can I delete a data source?

Deleting a data source on DataPocket takes a few simple steps

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Deleting a data source is possible on DataPocket however, please remember that in order to delete a data source that is being paid you would need to end your subscription first and then downgrade your plan to “Free”.

In order to delete a data source on DataPocket, follow these simple steps:

1. Deleting a data source

Navigate on DataPocket app and head to your organization

1.1 Go to 'Your data

1.2 Select the data source

Open the data source you wish to delete.

1.3 Click on “Settings

at the bottom of the page press on ‘Settings’, make sure this is the set of data you want to delete.

1.4 Click ‘Subscription management’

Step 1.3delete data source datapocket_managemente.png

1.5 Click ‘Delete Connector’

If you can’t see this message is because your data connector has an active payment plan. If you want to continue with the process you have to downgrade your plan first.

Step 1.4_delete data source datapocket3.png

1.6 Accept ‘Delete’

In order to add extra security, you will be asked to confirm. Read the pop up window with the actions that will occur when you delete your data source, and if you are agree, click ‘Accept’ or if not, ‘Cancel'.

Step 1.5_ delete data source datapocket accept.png


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