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How to install DataPocket on Canva
How to install DataPocket on Canva

DataPocket is an official Canva partner, the app can be found inside Canva's app section

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  1. Open Canva.

  2. On the left sidebar, click ' Apps', Search for the DataPocket app and select it.

  3. Click "Open"

    DataPocket on Canva

  4. Press Connect to access your DataPocket account or create a new one!

  5. You can also explore samples straight away into any design of your choice, explore the magic of drag & drop of both images and texts.

  6. Start designing with your own product or data feeds. Click and drop any of your items right into your design, boost your efficiency.

Design on Canva using all your back end data 24/7 synchronised

Official DataPocket app on Canva

You can have access to the following data sources to use on Canva:

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